I ♥ Seasons: Late Winter, 2011

In Cleveland, Ohio, winter is no stranger. Cuyahoga County, and many others surrounding, have two seasons: Winter and Construction. I sometimes prefer to designate the seasons as Uggs and Open-Toe (occasionally interchangeable with “Flip-Flops” or “Birkenstocks”).

Last week, most of NorthEast Ohio was blessed with a respite from the frigid temperatures and tortuous conditions.. okay, it’s not *that* bad here, but we’re up there! We saw temperatures teasing the 60’s! Lows of 45 in February! Highs of 59! It was unfortunately short-lived, and no matter how many times winter pulls this cruel trickery, year after year, we still collectively hope that winter is over when our February break arrives (the groundhog *did* say that Spring is coming soon… in six weeks… or was it six more weeks of winter?). No such luck.

Buddha in Snow

Buddha in waiting; This too shall pass…

Warm temperatures in a snow-drenched area lead to thaws which create water drenched yards and drives which, upon the return of the chilliness, begot icicle cities, covering driveways and patios, roads and cars, steps and… plants! Did I see plants!? The little sprouts that survived all winter, shedding a small glimpse of faded green, reminding us that spring is nigh, beautifully preserved in ice until the next (and hopefully last!) thaw. It makes for some great photos, at the very least…

Iced Summer Sweet

Iced Summer Sweet

Ice may be caked on my driveway and steps, but the small hints of green I’ve seen make me look forward to the Farmer’s Market at Shaker Square, warm Saturday mornings with the sun shining at 6:30 en route to the West Side Market, first visits to the Metroparks for baby Kola and me, long walks in the evening with my dog (who’s dying for a nice long one!)… Spring is almost here, and I can’t wait! Despite my disenchantment with winter at the moment, I do not think I would be happier anywhere with any less seasons; the anticipation for the next to begin and the ruminations of the most recently passed make for excellent conversation, exceptional character-building, and a delightful variety.

Sage in Wait

Sage in Wait

“Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.” – Yoko Ono, Season of Glass

What are your seasons like? Where? What is your favorite part of winter? Spring?


2 Comments to “I ♥ Seasons: Late Winter, 2011”

  1. liked it, but could figure out how log in.

  2. I’m still getting back into the swing of more varied seasons after more than three years in the south. Winter seems to have passed more quickly and mercifully than those on which I had based my memory of “winter”, though perhaps my perception is skewed by the joy of having said seasons once again. The wet/dry seasons in Florida, with occasional low temps, did little to sate my desire for seasonal change. I too love the anticipation of spring’s rebirth, the yearning for warmer days, and despite the seasonal teasing from friends in warmer climes, I doubt I’ll again trade my character-building winter for one as a thin-blooded Floridian.
    Bring on the croci, the lilacs, the daffodils and tulips. Swamp vines and orange trees got nothin’ on this.

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