Home-Made Baby Wipes

At the Panda Residence, we are constantly trying to cut our daily costs through the guise of trying to go green. Case in point: baby wipes. We go through at least 10 a day, usually closer to 15, depending on how many poops we’re blessed with. If you figure that one package of about 70 costs about $3, I’m spending $3-6 dollars per week on wipes. That’s about $20 per month, evened out. Extrapolate out… $240 per year. Zoinks! For less than the cost of a large box of wipes (about $15), we’ve made some home-made wipes and wipes sauce to use at home (we’ll probably stick with disposables while we’re out and about… I hate traveling with Biohazards on deck).

One-Time Costs

  • Wipes Material – $3 – we bought 1/2 yard on-sale fleece at Joann Fabrics. They always have some on sale or on clearance. You can also use some of those extra washcloths from your baby shower.
  • Clean Wipes Tub – $1 – screw-top Rubbermaid 2 QT container, courtesy of Dollar Tree
  • Dirty Wipes Bucket – $1 – if you already use cloth diapers, you probably have something set up already, but we’ve found a little bucket next to the trash works well.
  • Spray Bottle – 2/$2.50 – to hold wipes sauce, bought in a 2 pack at Joann Fabrics

Recurrent Materials (You probably have most of these already, so I didn’t really include these in the hard cost analysis…)

  • Chamomile Tea – 20/$3 – we like organic, but it’s not necessary.
  • Baby Wash – 12 oz/$3 – we use Target Up&Up brand Baby Wash & Shampoo: Oat Extract. Love it.
  • Almond Oil – 8oz/$4 – from Whole Foods. Good stuff!
  • Chamomile Essential Oil – 15mL/$6 – from Whole Foods. You can opt for another oil if you are so inclined.
  • White Vinegar – 1 gal/$2


  1. Cut your wipes fabric into ideal-sized pieces. I bought fabric that has 7″ circles with animals printed on it. I cut out each circle – perfect size for us! Place your cut wipes into your Clean Wipes Container.
  2. Boil 2 cups of water. You can actually boil more than two cups, then measure out two cups of boiled water. I like making my whole mixture in a 2c. glass measuring cup. So boil your water, measure 2 cups. Step 1 Complete!
  3. Steep 1 Chamomile Tea Bag in your boiled water, about 2-3 minutes. Remove tea bag and put in compost pile.
  4. Add 1 tbsp White Vinegar. (If your baby is prone to rash or currently has a rash, you can skip the vinegar.) Add 1 tbsp Baby Wash. Add 1 tbsp Almond Oil. Add 4-6 drops Chamomile Oil.
  5. Whisk! Be careful – it should be hot!
  6. Pour 1/4c. wipes sauce over wipes in Clean Wipes Container. Pour remainder into Spray Bottle.
  7. Spray baby’s bottom and wipe! Place dirty wipe in your Dirty Wipe Bucket.
  8. Wash wipes like cloth diapers – Hot Cycle with baking soda and hypoallergenic detergent, vinegar rinse, extra clean water rinse. Dry without softener; dry in sun to help remove stains when weather permits.


Kola enjoying his new Wipes!

Kola enjoying his new Wipes!

“Everyday is Earth Day”

Do you have an easy, cost-effective way to reduce your waste and save some green? Share in the comments or on the FaceBook!


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