I am a 26 year old recent mother of one (born August 2010… do the math), living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States. I am a lactivist; intactivist; environmentalist;philosopher; biologist; single parent; liberal; wordsmith; grammatarian; microbiologist; writer; painter; illustrator; sew-er; paino-player; friend; sister; daughter; mother. I wear a variety of hats (I prefer my grey cable-knit newsboy, but occasionally rock a slate rasta beanie) and have a variety of occupations in my every day life.

This blog has multiple purposes for me: to record my thoughts, memories, and things I really should remember because I won’t write them down; to offer information and ideas; to be a place where my friends can get to know what the current haps in my life are.

I’m interested to see where this will lead and am quite appreciative that you have taken the time  to read this.




Please note that I am not a medical doctor or practitioner. Any advice, suggestions, or ruminations regarding to topics of medicine should be taken as the thoughts and personal experiences of somebody who has had no formal or definitive medical training.


Please feel free to email me at ana.slocum@gmail.com with suggestions, comments, complaints, anything! Please make sure to put @Pandamoly in the subject line of your message to ensure a prompt response.

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