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2011 22 February

I ♥ Seasons: Late Winter, 2011

In Cleveland, Ohio, winter is no stranger. Cuyahoga County, and many others surrounding, have two seasons: Winter and Construction. I sometimes prefer to designate the seasons as Uggs and Open-Toe (occasionally interchangeable with “Flip-Flops” or “Birkenstocks”).

Last week, most of NorthEast Ohio was blessed with a respite from the frigid temperatures and tortuous conditions.. okay, it’s not *that* bad here, but we’re up there! We saw temperatures teasing the 60’s! Lows of 45 in February! Highs of 59! It was unfortunately short-lived, and no matter how many times winter pulls this cruel trickery, year after year, we still collectively hope that winter is over when our February break arrives (the groundhog *did* say that Spring is coming soon… in six weeks… or was it six more weeks of winter?). No such luck.

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